"Fast & Curios", a TrackMania² titlepack for Valley with solo-campaign and 30 breakneck challenges:


"Object-Collection", a TrackMania² titlepack for all environments with all Items collected from ManiaPark:


One of the oldest but most active members of TrackMania lives in Norway, is active since early 2006, and he opened more than 6 servers for TrackMania United and TrackMania². Without his great work and support no community or meetings would have been possible. Click on the list to join one of his servers (games are required):

------------ TrackMania United: ------------


--------------- TrackMania²: ---------------


"Marcel Le Poivrot"

Blues Album, tags: blues, experimental, funk, harmonica, progressive, Paris


One of the most active creators for mods and titlepacks, but especially for maps, he did more than 10.000 (!) maps for all environments the last decade, he's indeed someone everybody knows. He presents the game on facebook and has even his own forum with themes around the game.

Here's just a small selection, enjoy:

map for Island: Celebration

map for Valley: Curved

map for Canyon: Mr.DvDs 1000th Map

mod for Stadium: Egypt Mod


One of the most active creators for custom objects on ManiaPark, one example are his pipes for Canyon: